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A few days ago I was tired and needed a power nap. I lay down on the sofa and pulled a cushion with a wolf on it over my eyes to block out the sunlight. I was deeply asleep when a large furry form landed on my knee and frantically started meowing while clawing at my chest. It seems that Sid, the furry one, had wandered into the sitting room only to discover Mammy near death, as he thought. Not only that, but where her head used to be was now taken up by a wolf. Mammy had obviously been taken over by wolf-aliens and was comatose. Perception is everything. So Sid performed CPR – Cat Pulmonary Resussitation to bring her back to life. In the sense that Mammy levitated off the sofa in shock, it certainly worked a treat. Worn out by his exertions, he promptly went to sleep. Note to self: next time, close the door before taking a nap. Blessings to you and your pets.

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  1. Hi Pet,

    Love it!

    Hectic here at the moment between work and family,byou know yourself but we’ll have a good catch up soon, am taking some me time next week ❤️

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