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Marese Hickey is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with twenty two year’s experience who works in Clontarf, Dublin 3. She specialises in hypnotherapy for people who are blocked, stressed or have family of origin issues. Clinical hypnotherapy uses the relaxation of hypnosis to safely help people let go of stress, trauma and negative behavioral patterns. She also offers Past Life Regression. Marese is a master energy healer, and offers Reiki, Seichem and Spiritual Healing sessions. She is a Magnified Healing therapist and teacher. Magnified Healing is recommended if you are interested in clearing karma (i.e. in a clean slate to start over anew) or activating 12 strand DNA. It is a powerful tool to activate positive, exciting and lasting life changes.

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Healing – Human Client Review March 2020

Marese is very well studied and has the experience to match when applying her therapy. No session is the same due to her wide repertoire of modalities. Marese is a great listener and has a very deep sense of understanding when it comes to then applying the best modality to suit my needs. She has the ability to articulate that which I can’t seem to and in a way that always sets a light bulb off in my head which helps me enormously to understand and heal myself. I consider Marese one of my mentors! She easily helps me identify the source of my angst and is very solution focused but in a creative way that always sits well me. I am always involved in the solution.

I recently had the benefit of a magnified healing session with Marese which lifted me from my depths of exhaustion to a state of brightness and happiness again! I absolutely love what Marese is about and that extra mile she goes whether it’s with her time, after care texts or recommended readings, practices and more ! You won’t regret a session with Marese – in fact you will have wondered why you hadn’t come sooner! Louise, March 2020

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