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Marese Hickey is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with nineteen year’s experience who works in Clontarf, Dublin 3. She specialises in hypnotherapy for people who are blocked, stressed or have family of origin issues. Clinical hypnotherapy uses the relaxation of hypnosis to safely help people let go of stress, trauma and negative behavioral patterns. She also offers Past Life Regression. Marese is a master energy healer, and offers Reiki, Seichem and Spiritual Healing sessions. She is a Magnified Healing therapist and teacher. Magnified Healing is recommended if you are interested in clearing karma (i.e. in a clean slate to start over anew) or activating 12 strand DNA. It is a powerful tool to activate positive, exciting and lasting life changes.

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Marese Hickey is an animal healer. Animal healing is complementary to veterinary medicine and is not a substitute for it. Animals accept the energy healing easily and it can help them recover faster from abuse, emotional trauma, surgical procedures or medical problems. At the end of their life, energy healing can help animals have a peaceful passing. It can help their human guardians come to terms with their passing.

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