Animal Healing & Reviews

I became an animal healer because my beloved cat, Gannet, got cancer and kidney failure many years ago.  I studied Reiki in order to help her and it ended up helping me – and many of my human clients too. Then I did a Diploma in Animal Healing which uses Spiritual Healing. In order to do the case studies for the diploma, I asked could I volunteer as an animal healer in Dog’s Aid animal sanctuary in Ballymun, Dublin. That was eight years ago and I still volunteer there as an animal healer. I feel lucky to do so. Maggie, who runs Dog’s Aid, is amazing. I don’t know how she keeps going. But she does. There are cats there too, and I have also worked on the odd bat, seagull and parrot. Recently, I qualified in another form of energy healing called Magnified Healing, and the animals are lapping it up. I am getting good results with it. To clarify – the animals I have used it with are showing signs of improvement. Of course, when it is time to pass over, it is time to pass over. But dying can be peaceful and calm. The healing helps both the animal and their human in that situation. I have grieved many animals in my lifetime so my heart goes out to someone losing their animal friend.

Beautiful Merlin who died 3 years ago in Dog’s Aid


Animals are my passion and I work as a dog walker and pet-sitter too. I offer healing to the animals in my care and it helps them to feel safe and comfortable while their humans are away.

Kim Juno review

Jennifer Sweeney Muffin review from Fbk

I just love animals. Anything I can do to help your animal, let me know and I will do my best. I live in Dublin but I offer distant healing for animals and it works very well. Email me at or ring on 00 353 87 274 68 93 (Also on What’s App.)

Simba the Maine Coon receiving healing as he recovers from major surgery. Thank you to all the Facebook and Go Fund Me supporters who helped pay for his operations. He is now in a wonderful, safe, loving Forever Home.