Waking Up

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I’ve been hearing from family and friends how they have had a rush of energy and suddenly are getting things done. Spring has sprung. Everyone is in better form with a bit of sunshine after the long, grey winter. I’ve been surprised to find myself out cycling and then doing the garden when I get home. If this keeps up I may be in danger of being organised and up to date with the jobs. I’ve also been drawn to trying out new creative projects, just for fun. It’s energising. Except when I woke up two mornings in a row and had to write down a poem at 4 am. However, if the Muse is going to visit then I’m not going to tell her to make it between 9 and 5. Although it would be more convenient and create less exhaustion the next day! I’ve tried out a Somatics class and it really helped me to stay grounded in the body and in the moment and to make the most of each day. May your spring be filled with the fever of sunlight and warmth! Blessings.

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  1. Great to hear you’re up and at it M ❤️ I’ll get in touch over the weekend, want to have a quick chat with you about September and send you on some ideas 😉



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