The Spaces Between

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It’s been dark most of today with black clouds full of hail and rain. After no exercise for a few days, I got out on my bike for a breath of fresh air. I hoped to cycle for at least 45 minutes but I only managed 20 minutes before the rain started. I’m a fair weather cyclist so I left it at that, glad to get home dry. It struck me that the spaces between things seem to be the theme of the present time. So today, it was getting a bit of exercise between cloudbursts. In the wider context, in between lockdowns, I got to see some of my family. I really appreciated being able to do that, and I was able to stay present while I was with them. In the back of everyone’s mind now is – God knows when this will be possible again. This time last year I was working out my external goals for the year. This year, things have become more internally focused due to restrictions. Maybe it is a time to practise stillness and listening. There is a harvest of power to be cultivated from mindful awareness, from the practice of being in the moment. Going from day to day is now too ambitious. Moment to moment is easier to manage. And gratitude for our blessings is a good focus to keep our spirits up and our immune systems strong. New Year blessings to you and your tribe, including your animal tribe.


  1. Dear Marese, I wish you the New Year, a much better 2021! I was cuddled up with Tina in bed this morning about 7.30 while I was having my bran flakes and banana and was amazed at the north-east huge black-inked clouds were racing across the sky. All the images were dogs, horses, repilites and voodoos. THe weather is horrible – Tina is happy with me but neither she nor I can’t go out in the coooold. We just out to the grass so she can sniff and wee.
    My bad writing!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx J


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