Determined Cat

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Harry Three Paws is now eight and he is still the last one home even in the winter. Yesterday I collected him from the neighbours house after dark. The lady of the house calmly explained how Harry turfs her out of her chair by getting in behind her and then sticking out his one back leg as if to say, Woe is me, I am but a poor physically-challenged cat. The man of the house explained that they now had a folding garden chair in the sitting room so that man, woman and cat would all have a place to sit. Naturally, Harry has the best seat in the house. I marvel at their patience but they absolutely love Harry and clearly admire his resilience. When his back or shoulders get sore from too much territorial patrolling, Harry comes and sits on my knee for healing. He is quite proud of the fact that he has his own book, The Tale of Harry Three Paws. If you would like to get a copy, here is a link. Harry says the book is suitable for adult crazy cat lovers and children aged 10+. He sends his furry blessings to you, from his paw to yours.

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