This we CAN do together and NOW is the time

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I saw a bus advertising a “scary” horror film this morning, and various “scary” Halloween paraphanalia. If I want to be scared, I will just look at the next programme of Frozen Planet 2. The last programme I watched was really, really frightening. I couldn’t sleep after it. The high temperatures in Europe in October are additional evidence of not just climate change – but the accelerated pace at which it is happening, which outstrips the predictions. However, there is a way to help. It may be a bit unorthodox, but we are living in strange times. We can use group meditation to positively influence the world, creating improved harmony on a personal, interpersonal and global scale. By sitting with intention, we can send out a positive and healing ripple effect into the collective unconscious. The evidence for this has been scientifically studied and is known as the Maharishi Effect. In place of fear, anxiety or hand-wringing, we can turn off the TV and the phone, link to the World Meditation Alliance Group via a free Zoom link for the purpose of creating a spiritual solution to the problems that we, as humans, have created. The Earth is dying, and we are responsible. It’s time to do something different. As Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Joining this twice-weekly group meditation sends out Planetary Healing energy to Gaia. Let’s up our game now. Please share this to get the word out and let’s do this together. There’s not a minute to waste. Thank you.


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