Making Sense of It All?

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I attended the COP26 climate protest last Saturday. I was struck by how peaceful the march was, despite the gravity of the situation. I read that Global Witness had identied 503 fossil fuel lobbyists at COP26, more than all the national delegates combined. 27 of those lobbyists formed part of national delegations. When I read things like this, I feel confused. How are the individual fossil fuel people going to feed their families, with continued damage to the earth that supports us? This year in the USA, one half of it was burning while the other half drowned. How can they not connect cause and effect?

I visited my GP for acupuncture (he’s the Full Monty: a medical doctor, homeopath, osteopath and acupuncturist. If there were more like him the national health would be vastly improved. Go, Dr. James Dolan, Killester!) As I sat there like a reverse porcupine, we talked about climate change. “It’s embarrassing to be human,” he said, and I could only agree.

Today in the park, I scuffed through crackling dry leaves and put my spine to a tree trunk when nobody was looking. Despite wearing wellies, I also practised a couple of dance steps as last night I finally got to my first dance class in nearly two years. I seem to have developed a second left foot during covid. I can only hope my kinaesthetic intelligence will improve with practice. Looking at the vibrant autumn colours, I was reminded of a Zen saying; “Spend 20 minutes each day sitting in nature, unless you are busy, in which case spend an hour.” I can only hope that nature’s intelligence will make up for the shortfall in so-called human intelligence. We have much to learn and a lot to do to make things right. Blessings.

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