Action Not Pledges

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It’s fair to say that we are at the tipping point of climate change. I find it hard to believe that world leaders are still mired in political posturing when extinction is on the agenda. But so it is. It’s hard to get our heads around the enormity of the situation. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or hopeless. But there are things we can do. Firstly, I suggest that we all take part in peaceful protest to speak for the future generations. You can rest assured there will be a protest near you. In Ireland, next Saturday November 6th at midday in Dublin, at the Garden of Remembrance, for example, and in other cities around the country. Secondly, here’s a link to an online petition by the One Million Women movement to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to cut emissions by 50% by 2030. (I’m sure there is a male or non-gender version available too.)

On a spiritual level, I suggest that we all send good vibes, positive thoughts or prayers to the COP26 leaders. My prayer is that they may have the courage to act now despite the lobbyists and the countries who won’t help. If ever there was a need for inspiring leadership, it is now. If the leaders won’t provide it, the people must provide the momentum. Blessings.

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