Nature’s Pleasures

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Yesterday, the summer solstice, I went for a spin on my bike to the park. I said hello to my favourite tree and sat with my back against the trunk. Trees are wise because they stay still and listen. You don’t find trees running around in circles or having their heads melted by traffic jams on the M50. No. They are grounded in the earth and connected to the heavens through their branches. They are embodied in their tree-ness. My tree invited me to take off my sunglasses and look at the unfiltered green leaves. Green is at the centre of the colour spectrum so it is very soothing to the eyes. I felt the strength of the trunk supporting my spine, and an infusion of energy. I did my Tai Chi practice in my bare feet and then lay on the ground looking up at the branches. I felt the earth underneath me and feasted on the blue sky behind the green leaves, while feeling the sun on my skin and hearing the breeze rustle the leaves. I felt grateful and renewed by time with my special tree. I felt blessed and I hope that you avail of such free blessings today too.

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