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Two days ago I was wearing winter layers. Torrential rain refilled my garden rain barrel. Yesterday it was 18 degrees C and I disinterred my shorts and a summer top for a spin to the beach. It was amazing to feel actual heat from the sun on my skin. I dug my bare toes into the sand and happily looked for shells. I looked out to sea and enjoyed the spaciousness. I felt hopeful of better times ahead. I’m glad I made the most of it because today it’s back to heavy black clouds and coolness. If I have learned anything from the pandemic it is to make the most of what is possible right here, right now. To savour moments of sunshine and feeling alive. These moments can sustain us through hard times, like a squirrel eating a stored nut in winter. Enjoy your restorative moments this week. Blessings.

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  1. Good for you to wallowed in the warmth and sun plus sand esterday! I meant to took off my woolly jumper because I was doing things inside. And then…I put on my jumper this morning! Ach, well – I’ll be ready for the summer days – I can’t remember the song but I yearn from them. xxx J


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