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In between bouts of freezing weather, I have been slowly working on my Project Joy Garden. I was delighted to see a new rose I had bought already in cheerful yellow bloom. It brought a smile to my face. The pandemic has reduced my expectations of both myself and my garden. That is not a bad thing. Life has become slower in so many ways. More time to reflect and be grateful for the small treasures.

This morning, I asked my angels for help in getting my semi-feral cat to the vet. This is quite a production, as anyone who deals with feral cats knows. I had to ring the vet, and wait for them to ring me back. I had to find out if they had a free special cage I could borrow, and had they an appointment, go and collect the basket, and then – crunch time. Clear my mind of all pictures of grabbing Tilly. The Zen of Feral Cats. Approach innocuously. Then seize her by the scruff and stuff her unceremoniously into the cage. Break out in a sweat. Drive back to the vet. Mask on. Coat off due to sweat. Advise locum vet on how to handle her to avoid certain death. Pay large bill. Stagger back to car. Rip off mask. Thank angels while mopping sweat. So you can see why a single blooming cheerful yellow rose, with the solar powered fountain for sound healing, is so welcome and so soothing. Just another day as a Crazy Cat Mammy. Blessings.


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