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I don’t know about you, but I am finding this to be a long, long winter. The weather here today is milder at a balmy 9 degrees C, but with it has come a “wetting rain,” a miserable drizzle. Harry Three Paws, recuperating from a cat bite, was agitating to get out this morning. Usually, nothing deters him and the rain doesn’t bother him. He went out for a quick territorial patrol and returned to hatch on the radiator. And who could blame him, on a duck day like this.

As part of my ongoing self-therapy to keep me going, I once again started using the Gratitude Journal exercise researched by Martin Seligman. In it, you write down three things that went well during the day, and why those things happened. It has been shown to enhance your happiness level, and couldn’t we all do with that?

Another resouce I use when I get stuck is EFT or Emotional Freedom Therapy, also known as Tapping. This simple tool from energy psychology works very well. The proof is that I am sitting here writing this! If you type in EFT to the YouTube search engine, you will see a multitude of videos demonstrating the technique. What have we got to lose by trying these things except our stuckness and gloom? The cats, meanwhile, are in a Zen state of meditation (okay, possibly sleep) and are completely unworried by world events. Felicity has her crazy hour twice a day and Tilly once a day. We have much to learn from our furry friends. Let us relax and look forward to brighter days ahead. Blessings.

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