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After lunch yesterday I was watching a lecture on metaphysics on YouTube when I started to doze off. When I woke a few minutes later a chicken was playing an aria on a piano. From the sublime to the ridiculous. That’s it, I thought, time to move! I decanted myself from the sofa and went for a spin on my bike on the nearby beach. The tide was out, and it is a big beach, so there was plenty of space for everyone. I could hear the sound of the waves breaking, and hear the seagulls. The meeting of sea and sky created an expansiveness and I felt open and glad to be alive. The act of being mindfully present created a vivid experience. When the sun shines, I find it easy to go out and exercise, but when it is dark and gloomy, the piano-playing chicken on the sofa is very tempting. To stay cheerful, though, I insist that I go out each day for even a short walk in the fresh air. It’s the simple things that get us through. Blessings.


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