Welcoming the Unexpected

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Recently I was watching Autumnwatch on BBC and I was amazed to learn that when leaves are being eaten by a caterpillar, the plant emits chemicals with a dual strategy. The first chemical makes the plant less appetizing to the caterpillar, and the second one wafts on the breeze to call in a wasp who feeds on the caterpillar. Sort of like, Who you gonna call? Caterpillar Busters! Those are the actions of an intelligent system. It responds to an attack by evasive manoeuvres. As the ancient Sanskrit text said: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It also shows the subtle level of interconnected support in the natural world. That plant is more intelligent than some world leaders. I’ve taken to asking plants permission before I cut them or uproot them. Please and thank you, the magic words. It puts me in right relationship with the natural world. I was rewarded by a particularly sweet carrot a couple of days ago, sown as an experiment in a pot in August. And today, because of the balmy 14 degree temperature, a beautiful rose came into flower again. It is aptly named Blessings. And blessings to you too.

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