Planetary Healing

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If ever there was a time the planet needed healing, it is now. We all need healing at this time, to keep us going through the morass of pandemic and climate change. We have the power to change things now, and only ten years left to do it. We have to take individual, group and political action. Logical analysis suggests what we need to do: cut down on plastics, go vegan, reduce consumerism, pressurise politicians. Analysis is the strength of the left brain. In therapy, there is a phrase called “analysis paralysis.” Einstein said “Logic will get you from A to B, while imagination will get you everywhere.” Engaging the creative right brain opens up new solutions. And energy healing helps both people and the planet at all levels. So here is the link to a short guided energy healing meditation for Personal & Planetary Healing. Please like and share it to get the word out. Thank you. Blessings.


  1. I can’t follow the analysis!!! Sorry, Marese, I hope I’ll be able to see you to tell me about it soon! xxx J


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