Small Pleasures

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I’ve never grown celery before, but it will be on my list for next year. The neighbours were asking about my “allotment” in the small front garden. The “allotment” comprises three tubs of celery and three tubs of kale. I harvested my first bunch of celery last week. It has a robust taste which puts its supermarket cousin to shame. In fact, it’s hard to tell they are the same plant species. I will also be growing kale again, as it means I have a substitute for buying spinach leaves in a plastic bag. The kale is a “cut and come again” crop. So I take a little for what I need, and leave the plant to regenerate. Easy peasy. I have read in metaphysical literature that food that you grow yourself is especially suited for your own biome and needs. Isn’t that amazing! The small amount of work that goes into growing your own veg or fruit is well worth the labour of love. I am celebrating the small pleasures these days. Blessings.


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