Time and Tide

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I met my best friend for lunch the other day, for the first time since her county came out of the most recent lockdown. It was a real treat for us to meet. After we had eaten, we shared our most recent mishaps. She had been at the supermarket checkout when she suddenly got a hot flush and her visor fogged up so she couldn’t even see the cashier. We fell around the place laughing at the weirdness of both body and the times we find ourselves in. A few months ago, I bought an inflatable kayak, but I only got to experiment with it last week. I checked the high tide time carefully. I struggled with three types of valves and instructions and strange-looking bits of pvc. As usual, when I had assembled it, there were bits left over, just like the Ikea self-assembly stuff. Is there a packing gremlin that throws in extra bits, just to confuse us? Anyway, I took the paddle and walked over the small hill, only to see that it had taken me so long to get ready, the tide had gone out. All I could do was laugh and chalk it up as a trial run. I deflated the kayak and horsed a big load of pvc into the boot of the car, and went home for a cup of home-made fruit tea. And some vegan dark chocolate, which of course makes things better. So between hormonal tides and sea tides, you just couldn’t take this life too seriously. But the best thing was being able to share it with a best friend. Lunch, laughter AND soul food. A good day all round. Blessings.


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