New Departures

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It’s nearly the end of August and I feel a bit panicky. The weather has been dire here since the beginning of July. Grey, dark, overcast – there is even some ground frost forecast for the weekend. All I can think is that it is like winter already, and the “real” winter has still to come. Six months of bad weather until springtime. There is a joke in Ireland that the weather always improves in September, just when the children have gone back to school. That marker is gone out the window with covid, but I am still hopeful that some autumn sunshine might appear. I have decided that the only way to get through these difficult and dark days is to take each day as it comes. I have made an executive decision that if there is a fine, sunny day then I am going to take the day off and make the best of it. (A perk of self-employment.) I also signed up for an online dance project which involves some simple choreography and self-filming. We were asked to get dressed up glamorously the other day. It felt strange but fun, because basically I have worn a variation of the same clothes for the last six months. (I did wash them, I might add!) That Pareto Principle really is true – you do wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time. So it was good to do something a bit different and to upend the routine a bit. I suspect that we will all need to be creative in entertaining ourselves and keeping ourselves resilient for a while yet. One thing I have decided not to entertain is negative thinking, and I am determined to dance my way out of any negativity that arises. I will be as fit as a fiddle and ready to take on the world when the sunshine reappears. Blessings.


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