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img_20200804_133636711I got to visit my writing buddy, Dolly, for the first time in ages the other day. Hello Dolly! It was great to see her. We had tea and illegal sweet stuff and picked up where we left off six months ago. We did a tour of her garden, and she pointed to a mud track in the grass. Her husband has been running two miles a day up and down the track which is about thirty foot long. Now that is what I call creative! Then Dolly and I even did a bit of writing. As I was leaving, I was laden down with gifts from her garden: ecchium plants (the bee hotel tree) and a young St. John’s Wort. I was delighted with such kind gifts. And we made plans for another meet-up in a month’s time. Now, who knows if that will happen, or not? If there is one thing to learn from the pandemic, it is to live in the present moment. To cherish good friends, and appreciate any patch of nature that we have access to. The simple things are the most important. Unless they love their job, nobody ever lay on their death bed and said “I wish I spent more time at work.” No. Love is all that matters. We come into this world free of possessions and leave it the same way. All that matters is – have we loved enough? Have we left the place cleaner and greener than before? Have we been kind to ourselves, other humans, animals and the earth? Have we appreciated our blessings and used our gifts, lived fully and joyfully? If we have, great. If not, let’s start today. Blessings.

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