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Proof 5 100620I’m a bit of a consciousness anorak. I’ve been reading about near death experiences (NDEs) for the last thirty years. It seems to me that an NDE is a preview of the ultimate spiritual journey. During lockdown, I spent time looking at lectures on YouTube. One of them was quite fascinating. Physicist John Hagelin compared quantum physics to levels of consciousness mentioned in the Upanishads. His conclusion was that the unified field is consciousness. I got very excited when I heard this. (I needed to get out more pre-covid, and I still need to get out more, but now there’s nowhere to go!) So basically, what this means is that if you anchor your intention in the unified field, it will accelerate the manifestation of your goal. The way to do this is described in a book by Dr Joe Dispenza, called Becoming Supernatural. There is a breathing technique, allied with a form of meditation, that allows you to dip into the unified field.  Then of course you have to take action to ‘make it so,’ as Captain Picard would say. The science underpinning the techniques are laid out in detail in the book. Amazing. And worth a try. One of my intentions has been to get the word out there about my new book, Energy Healing for Pets, Wildlife and Sanctuary Animals. I would love to see animals all around the world benefiting from energy healing. Possibly due to my use of these techniques, I have noticed that sales of my book have been increasing in the USA. Thank you to those who bought it – I am very grateful and I hope it helps your animals. So there you go. Quantum physics, the unified field and increased book sales. A whole new world awaits!

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