Peaceful Moments

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CameraI suppose if it happened all the time I wouldn’t appreciate it. Yesterday, I was in the cattery in Dog’s Aid and the conditions were perfect. I was there alone, just me and the cats. Initially, they were very vocal and interactive, as in “Hello, where’s the chicken?” I sat down and started focusing on the heart, breathing in and out through it with gratitude. I started offering healing for any animal that wanted it. I opened my eyes after a few minutes and started to laugh. The cats were all sitting or lying around, quiet and still with their eyes closed. I smiled and savoured the moment of perfect peace and happiness. It’s been well documented that when you focus in this way, it expands the energy field around your body. The gratitude, love and healing go out in waves. Those waves affect the world. We get to choose whether we radiate peace or panic. Energy follows intention, so let’s choose gratitude and peace today and leave the world a better place at the end of the day. Blessings.

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