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CameraA couple of weeks ago I was out on my bike on the long local beach. The far end of it was deserted and as I cycled along, I started singing the chorus from “Cheek to Cheek.” You know the one. “Heaven, I’m in heaven….”

Yesterday I was back at the local city farm for the first time in a while. I got to talk to Freckles the sheep who was sheared last Sunday – one of the lads said, “We’ll all be queuing up to be sheared if we don’t get a haircut soon!”

I had a senior hen called Betty under my arm to give her some healing and I stood there, humming away and looking at the blue sky. Heaven…I’m in heaven…When it comes down to it, how little we really need to make us happy, in a way that no new gadget or piece of stuff ever will. See if you can find your heavenly moment this weekend, and enjoy it thoroughly.

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