Patience Rewarded

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rsz_1rsz_energy_healing_for_pets_png_1410_x_2250This morning I gave a whoop of joy at the emergence of a watermelon sprout. I’ve never tried growing watermelon before so watch this space – very exciting! It is sitting in the window of what used to be my therapy room pre-covid. It is happily surrounded by courgette, cauliflower, tomato and cucumber plants, because it is a slug-free sunny spot.

On another level, my latest book has also emerged, with much coaxing, sweating, missed episodes of NCIS, swearing at the computer, holding my head in my hands at yet another Amazon snafu….the usual. This one is called Energy Healing for Pets, Wildlife & Sanctuary Animals. I have distilled sixteen years of animal healing into a DIY how-to which is very suitable for lockdowned animal lovers. If the spirit moves you to find it, it is on Amazon. Happy healing!

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