Less is Enough

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IMG_20200204_160925The lockdown is yielding an unexpected harvest. Yesterday, I spent the day studying what further actions I can take to be kinder to the earth. Having the time to do this is a gift in itself. What emerges will hopefully make a positive and lasting difference. One of the resources I came across is by a man called Rob Greenfield, who has been living sustainably for many years. I admire his clarity of thought and values. He walks his talk, and has released most of his possessions over a number of years. The idea is to let go of the stuff that clogs our lives, so that we can have the space to live our most creative and best lives. I have been practising Feng Shui for many years but this guy is streets ahead of me – he is now down to 44 possessions! Go Rob!

I have also been studying how to grow more of my own food. I have been trying to do this for the last couple of years and have grown potatoes, courgettes, raspberries and herbs. When I say “I have grown..” of course what I mean is that I created the space and the conditions and the growing did itself. It is like healing. I can only offer healing, and the person/animal takes in the energy and heals himself. It seems to me that whether I am looking at holistic gardening, holistic living or healing, it is all the same. The principles of permaculture could mostly be applied to holistic healing for the body too. Everything is connected, integration offers resilience, and less is enough. We have a chance now to clear our inner and outer space. This time can be a bridge between before and after. We can emerge from this crisis with a fresh start. Our individual positive changes will have collective positive effects. Let’s go!

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