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IMG_20200421_162537458The Tower card in the Tarot deck indicates the deconstruction of current realities. Our job is to find and hold our centre when everything seems to be falling apart. We have bulldozed nature to make space for crops to feed the expanding human population. Our intrusion into the natural world has caused extinction of many species, with many more teetering on the brink. These creatures have been deprived of their place in the world. They have insufficient food and space to be themselves. As part of the natural world, we too need the basics of food, water and shelter. We also need inner and outer space in order to grow into our human potential. We are not above nature. We are part of it. The covid 19 pandemic shows us the result of our actions. The World Economic Forum says that the increase in disease outbreaks over the past decades is linked to climate change and biodiversity loss. While the virus is killing people, the natural world is drawing breath. There are fish and jellyfish in the cleaner canals of Venice. Skies are clearing as emissions drop.

We, too, have this breathing space now. It has not come in a manner of our choosing, but here it is. And here we are. We can choose to sit and be still. Sitting quietly, calmly and in solitude, we can imagine our roots extending deep into the earth like a great wise tree that has weathered many storms. In that stillness and silence, we can dissolve our fears and become calm and grounded. Being centred, calm and grounded offers fertile ground for our innate creative nature to emerge. What can we do today to celebrate our Earth as the substrate of life itself? What one action can we choose to take or not take to make things better post-virus? Because right now is the only time we have. By protecting nature, we protect ourselves. We have the power to do this. Let’s use it wisely and well.

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