Happy Hour

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img_20200414_124107839_hdrToday was a fresh and sunny day, lovely to see after the long grey winter. The roof of the house provides a low-tech sundial every year. The sunshine already comes half way up my back garden now, proof of the arrival of spring. It lifts my heart. The unexpected downtime and the welcome sunlight allowed me to do my mindfulness practice sitting outside. Because of the lockdown, there is no traffic noise and no noise from airplanes. All I could hear was birdsong. Heaven. I should have been continuing the formatting of my latest book, Energy Healing for Pets, but I abandoned ship and went out to potter in the garden instead. It’s very easy to rationalise this in Ireland by saying: “I’ll work at the computer when it’s raining,” knowing that you won’t have to wait long! I opened up the small greenhouse to water the seeds and was thrilled to see growth already! There is something very hopeful and optimistic about a seedling seeing the world for the first time. I was reminded of a line from Chilean poet Pablo Neruda: “You can pick all the flowers but you can’t stop the spring.” Stay calm, stay well and stay hopeful.


  1. It’s a funny thing, but my birthday was yesterday, and I was born originally on Easter Sunday, April 13, 1975 and it was a sunny, beautiful day by all accounts…. And I was born at 4:21 pm with very little pain to my Mom and we bonded well and my Dad handed out “it’s a boy” cigars with blue ribbons on them. That is what I thought of when I read your story/post. Happy hour was 4 pm that Easter Sunday for both my parents. Beautiful.

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    1. Well Happy Birthday for yesterday and I hope you had a lovely day, Joshua! It sounds like you had a nice welcome into the world and that your parents were delighted with you. A happy hour on a happy day. 🙂


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