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img_20200405_092407673It has taken a pandemic to slow the world down. Here we are now. The question is: How can we grow from this? What can we learn to appreciate due to these strange days? When it is all over, how can we be more respectful of animals and their habitats and the earth on which we live? What do we want our earth to look like seven generations from now? We may never have a chance like this to change the world again.

I have been heart-warmed by the phone calls and texts from friends and family since this crisis started. I am touched by those who very kindly chose to send their free postcard to me. Thank you! When life is threatened, we have the opportunity to see how little use we have for things. We do not need the next upgrade, contributing to the carbon footprint and harming our environment. Gratitude is a free resource that strengthens the immune system. Even if we have temporarily lost our freedom, most of us still have a place to live, clean water, good food to eat, and good health. If in addition to these blessings, we have the love of our tribe and a meaningful way to serve others – what else really matters?

We have the breathing space now to evaluate how we want to proceed after this is over. We can hope for enlightened leadership that will take environmental issues into account in the post-viral rush to reestablish commerce. Because, as we are finding, money isn’t everything. We can consider going vegan to shape the new world and really walk our talk. That would take pressure off the animals, their habitats, and reduce global methane emissions, which are even more destructive to the ozone layer than carbon. From a spiritual perspective, plants use the energy of light through photosynthesis to grow. Eating fruit and vegetables, we are essentially eating light. It feeds our physical bodies – and our energy/spiritual bodies. Fruit and veg are literally food for the soul! Going vegan cuts out the middleman! See your food and health bills drop and your energy rise! But don’t take my word for it. Try it and see for yourself. Happy Easter! 🙂

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