Woolly Hair Day

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img-20200224-wa0004I have short hair. I would describe my usual hair appearance as “plugged into an electric socket.” I normally get my hair cut in the hairdressers, but in these strange times, that is not an option. I looked at my hair in the mirror yesterday and immediately thought of the eighties. Big hair. Big shoulder pads. Power suits. I thought, oh no. Recently I had bought a hair-cutting scissors for my long-haired cat Sid. So I set to and snipped a bit here and a bit there. Amazingly, it turned out okay. For those of you going to try this at home, I suggest that less is better. As in, only cut a bit, and see how it goes. Because you  can’t glue it back on. I felt more cheerful with my new haircut, and may consider saving money by doing this in future, when things are back to normal. Whatever normal will look like then. I am sure of one thing though: I ain’t never going back to those shoulder pads again – once in a lifetime was more than enough! Stay calm, safe and well. 🙂

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