Unexpected Gifts

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IMG_20200319_100439684Tuesday was a relatively balmy 14 degrees C so I got to do some work in the garden. It felt so good to get the grass cut and a bit of tidying up done. It felt like hope was in the air, despite the pandemic. I planted a rose called Blessings. I finished the garden work feeling tired but very peaceful and contented.  I sat in the park this morning at the base of a tree, with the trunk supporting my back. I felt the sun on my face stronger than last week. The earth continues to turn, no matter what is happening in the world. I have been heartened and warmed by the reaction of friends and family during this crisis. People have phoned me or got in touch. Neighbours are offering help to each other. As I sat, I felt great gratitude for all my blessings. Food to eat, a place to live, good friends, good family, good neighbours. Good cats, of course! The time to complete my current book on energy healing for pets. The chance to simplify and refocus on what is really important. May you, all sentient beings and the earth itself be safe, healthy, happy and free. Blessings indeed. 🙂

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