Happy go Lucky

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It’s nice to be able to share some good cheer at Christmas. Volunteering in an animal sanctuary is hard on the heart, but here is some good news. Two months ago one of our volunteers at the Dog’s Aid cattery saw a cat lying on the side of the road. She checked if he was still alive, and he was. She brought him to the cattery and from there he went to Denis the Vet. He had been hit by a car and had been lying beside the road in pain for a couple of days, judging by the insect larvae on him. Obviously nobody else gave him a second look. His jaw was broken, and Denis wired it up. He spent 5 weeks in a cage and then the wire was removed. I did some healing on him to remove the shock and trauma of being hit by a car, and also of losing his home. He was so loving and affectionate that it was clear that he belonged to someone. Despite the best efforts, his owner could not be located so we put him up for adoption. A lovely woman came to visit him yesterday, and has offered him a safe and kind forever home. My prayers have been answered on two fronts. Firstly, Lucky made a complete recovery. And secondly, due to the bias against black cats, it is very hard to get homes for them. So there have been two Christmas Miracles. Here’s what happened when I told him the good news. Happy Christmas Lucky, and to all animals everywhere. May you all be safe, sheltered, warm, fed and loved.


  1. When I saw the most beautiful black cat this morning, Marese told me his anguish and then his miraculous recovery. Denise and Marese thank you!!! Now Lucky is going to the home Lucky Lady! xxxxxxx J


  2. Marese and all in Dogs Aid and Dogs Aid Cattery who devote their spare time to pick up the pieces and have their emotions torn apart . This is what makes it all worthwhile , to see a cat utterly broken and put back together again because of the immense goodness and compassion of all of the volunteers it truly is good for the soul . Lucky is a very apt name for this beautiful Puss . A huge Thank you to the lady who had adopted him . Don’t you just love a happy ending 😻😻😻


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