Harry Three Paws Wins the Day

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htp cover deikeI was out doing the annual clean up on the car for the upcoming NCT when my neighbour Niall stopped to chat. Harry Three Paws spends most of his time in Niall’s house and revels in being the sole cat in residence, as opposed to one of four in mine. Niall told me about a recent visit by friends with a dog. The dog was in the kitchen looking out at Harry, who was in the garden. Dog barks at Harry, who is unfazed by the barking because of the closed door, but clearly perturbed about the territorial ingress by this uninvited hound. The visitors prepare to leave, putting the offending canine in their car. Harry bombs up the side passageway (he can move surprisingly fast for a three legged cat!) and straight over to the car. He lifts his tail and sprays on the tyre of the car. Message delivered, he returns to sit on Niall’s doorstep, licking his chops and savouring the sweetness of the last furry word. You couldn’t make it up. 🙂 The Tale of Harry Three Paws is available on Amazon and is suitable for children 10+ and crazy cat lovers of all ages.

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