Chicken Singing

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Recently I started volunteering as an animal healer in a small local city farm. On Saturday I was working on an old hen called Tess. As they used to say down the country when I was growing up, “She had a hump on her back.” She was not feeling well. She was ensconced on a woolly blanket in the main log cabin room, surrounded by nibbles which she ignored. There were lots of people coming and going. Tess and I got into the zone. The heat built up in my hands as I worked, and I started singing to her. Years ago, when I first started healing animals, I just automatically started singing to them as I worked. Now don’t get me wrong – I have the singing voice of a crow. But it seemed to relax the animals and that could only help. The song I sing is “Tenderness on the block.” I think of it as my healing song. So there I was, stroking the silky feathers of this hen, singing quietly to her, and thinking how happy I was. This is the work I came here to do. I’m working on a new book called “Energy Healing for Pets” to teach people how to do simple energy healing on their own animals. If you are interested in giving feedback/reviews in exchange for a hard copy of the finished book, get in touch. And I’m glad to say that Tess was eating and drinking before I left. Happy day. 🙂

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