Surprise, Surprise!

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IMG_20190823_143426I love to know when visitors are coming because it galvanises me into action. The place is usually “socially clean” but mea culpa, I am not the tidiest person on the planet. I am not obsessed with housework. Once, I was cleaning windows when I was stung by a wasp who was hiding in a net curtain. I took it as a sign from the Universe that Housework is Dangerous. Anyway, my sisters were coming and we hoped to sit in the garden and chat. I dived into action; I wielded the electric hedge trimmer while balancing on a wall, and pulled up weeds that had run amok with the rain. I was at the kitchen sink washing my hands when I looked out into the garden and gave a small scream. Felicity was gently pawing a butterfly who was trying to escape. I think the butterfly had been snoozing among the weeds and was disturbed by my frenzy. I rushed out to try and catch her before Tiger Tilly spotted her. Being a feral cat, Tilly is a ferocious hunter and would dispose of her in one swoop of the paw. Felicity took the removal of her plaything with equinamity, but I have seen Tilly carry a mouse in her mouth into the back laneway to get away from my rodent-retrieval efforts. I gave the butterfly Reiki to help her, and found a safe, sunny, dry place away from the paws and claws to release her. She showed me her wings and I was delighted to be so close to her. A good day all round, lit up by the beautiful colours of The One Who Got Away. 🙂

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