A Small Step Forward

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IMG_20190817_093945[1]When I saw it this morning, I let out a whoop and did a small jig and fist pump. An elderly lady looked at me quizically. I shook an Irish cucumber at her. “Look! No plastic wrapping! Way hay!” She said, “That’s great, at least someone is listening to you.” There is was in all its glory: green, in its natural skin, with just a small sticky label on it with the barcode. Admittedly there were other cucumbers in plastic, and plenty of the veg and fruit still cased in the dreaded non-recyclable plastic packaging – but it’s a start. Six months ago I had tried buying fruit and veg from my local farmer’s market to avoid the plastic wrapping but the prices were astronomical and out of my league. I also notice that Lidl has more and more organic veg and fruit in stock – responding to market forces. Yes, that is you and me, buying organic and therefore creating the market for less pesticides to be used on the earth. It might seem like there is little we can do but there is always something positive we can contribute. Their own-brand Cien shower gel etc is also not tested on animals. A good start to a good day.

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