One Small Thing

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IMG_20190608_090847Seven years ago I felt that listening to the news was bringing down my energy with all the negativity. As an experiment, I decided to go on a news fast for a month. I liked the result and never went back to the habit. Naturally, I do hear or see news items whether I want to or not. But my reasoning is that if I have a personal bucket of energy to get me through the day, how am I going to spend it? I find all the negativity in the media overwhelming. It makes me feel hopeless and helpless. Whereas when I concentrate on doing what I can to change things for the better, I feel empowered. A few months ago I read No More Plastic by Martin Dorey, a short book from the man who came up with the #2minutesolution. It involves picking up rubbish from the beach, street or park for 2 minutes. Of course it is addictive. Once you start, it’s hard to stop. I had already been doing it but I do it more consciously and consistently now. It ties in perfectly with one aspect of my work which is as a dog walker. I get to leave the park cleaner than when I arrived in it, putting my collected rubbish in a biodegradable bag, and also it increases my fitness level – all that bending down and straightening up! A win-win methinks! So what I am saying is: don’t despair. Don’t think that the actions of one single person don’t matter. They do. Guard your energy and use it wisely to change the world one small way at a time. The earth will thank you.


  1. THis reminds me of the story of the old man picking up starfish one by one from the beach where thousands are stranded and throwing them back into the sea. Somebody says to him, ‘Why bother? You’re never going to save them all.’ The old man replies, ‘If I save one, I’ll have done a good deed.’ I applaud your actions Maarese. Jennifer


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