Unexpected Outcomes

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cropped-winter-sunshine-in-park-11.jpgMy hair is short. I favour a style that could be described as “stuck fingers in electric socket.” I ran out of hair wax last week and so the search began. I was looking for vegan hair wax – containing no animal products and not tested on animals. I would not have thought it would be difficult. I was wrong. No joy in a couple of health food shops. I tried Tesco’s and found six different brands, but all tested on animals. At this stage my hair was beginning to stand up on its own so I probably could have done without it. But I googled recipes for DIY vegan hair wax. It turned out I actually had most of what I needed and I improvised what I didn’t have. Vegan hair wax is actually really easy to make. Then I started thinking, what else could I make or change to help the animals and the planet? I went to my local farmer’s market in St. Anne’s Park and checked out the Mimimalist Plastic stall. You can get refills of dried fruit, nuts, flour, oats, vegan shampoo and conditioner and washing up liquid, amongst other things. To be honest, I feel a bit embarrassed that I am only doing this now. But better late than never. And I have been using Prill Beads as a water filter for about 6 years. (Permanent water filter bag of beads only about $21, lasts forever, no cartridge going to landfill.) So that is something. I love the #2minutesolution and am heartened by it. Lots to do still but at least there is something that each one of us can do, one small thing to add up to a big difference for this beautiful planet. What a relief. 🙂


    1. I badly need to take a leaf from your book. I have an under sink water filter but now realise this is not quite ecofriendly. Tut tut!


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