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img_20190118_165854[1]So there I was the other day, with Youngest Furry Child, Felicity, sitting comfortably on my knee. She was resting, in a deep state of reverie, when the call of nature came upon me. “Sorry, Felicity,” I said, as I reverently eased her off my knee and lifted her up, blanket and all, to put her back down on the warm spot I had just vacated. Cat Lovers among my readers will say, “So what?” Absolutely normal to apologise to the cat for disturbing it. Absolutely normal to minimise disruption to the flow of heat by putting her on the warm spot. The only problem was what I said after I said “Sorry, Felicity.” By way of explanation to her, in atonement for the upheaval, I said: “I have to use my litter tray.” Oh dear. I was reminded of a friend who had many young children, who found herself at her husband’s award dinner. She was chatting amiably to the man next to her when a silence fell at the table. She looked down and found that she had been cutting up her neighbour’s meat into child-sized chunks. Yes indeed. Another litter tray moment for the books. Either a call for more mindfulness or a sign to get out more, methinks. 🙂


  1. I talk to my dog all the time. There does be nothing queer about this. Dogs and cats are good listeners – they don’t talk back. And, of course, they pay heed to everything your say.


    1. You are correct, of course Jennifer. I was just temporarily worried that I called the loo a litter tray, and wondered might I be losing the plot?! However, Felicity forgave me for disturbing her (I pay them all Disturbance Money, by the way, i.e. if I have to disturb them from my knee, they get a treat) so all is peaceful once again. 🙂


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