Clever Cats

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I was walking a little dog on the seafront today, head down against the freezing wind and really feeling the cold despite my many layers. When I turned to come back, the dog nearly took flight in his haste to get home. Once inside, we played throw the ball/bunny/octopus and he was delighted. He skidded across the wooden floor running after the toys and I was giggling away. Then I thought, I probably should get out more. But it’s a gift to be easily amused. When I got home, even the redoubtable Harry Three Paws was indoors, sheltering from the wind chill. As I write, the cats are disporting themselves in various comfortable locations, working hard at another 17 hour snoozeathon. You wouldn’t find a cat out on the seafront on a day like this. No. Cats not only got the fur coats but also the smarts up top. Clever puds indeed. IMG_20180908_230550904


  1. When your best four-legged friend refuses to countenance the great cold, stormy, wet outdoors, one should learn a lesson. My Muffin is dividing her time between sleeping on the sofa and sleeping in our big bed. It’s winter, for god’s sake, and hibernation mode. I love the crouching tigger in the form of hidden Harry. What papal robes is he secreting himself under, I wonder??? xxxx Jennifer

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