The Shape of Help

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One day a while back, I was in the local park walking a dog and talking to my angels, as you do. I asked them for help in getting The Tale of Harry Three Paws book out into the world. It would be fair to say that it is an unusual marketing strategy, but like many writers, I find it hard to do the marketing when I would rather be writing. Or walking a dog in the park. Anything, actually, other than trying to figure out Facebook ads or Google ads or sift through the mountain of online advice on how to sell your book. IMG_20181125_195313[1]Well a few minutes later I started chatting with a woman about her dog, as you do. Twenty minutes later, she had offered to sell my book alongside her low fat dog treats and cat cushions. It turns out that she is a marketing whizz. My point is that when you ask for help, be open to how, when and where the help arrives. Be open to help in any shape that works. Be open to miracles. And then say Yes. And then say Thank You, to the angels (quick work or what?!) And Thank You, to Pauline of  Woofstuff A winter miracle indeed.



  1. That is a heartwarming story, Marese! You have the angels on your side. I hope Harry is suitably smug about his growing fame! xxx Jennifer


    1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for taking the time to comment! Harry is currently tucked up with a heat pack each side of him as the cold damp weather is causing him some discomfort. He is taking his burgeoning fame in his stride! Hope Muffin recovered well. Stay warm! 🙂


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