The Tale of Harry Three Paws

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HTP front cover with Deike SmashwordsHarry Three Paws is usually a very sociable creature, much more so than I am, so I am a bit alarmed to have found him in the garden shed for the last two evenings. On the one hand, I am grateful that I do not have to go chasing after him to get him in safely before dark. On the other hand, this is unusual behaviour for him so all is not well. As well as that, he usually goes upstairs to sleep on the bed – unless he wants some energy healing, in which case he sits on my knee on the sofa. This evening was a knee and sofa evening. I guess it’s possible he has seasonal affective disorder. Maggie in Dog’s Aid, who has looked after dogs all her life, says that anything we humans can get, animals can get too. So he accepted some healing, and is now curled up on the sofa, tucked up in front of the fire. He is patently unimpressed that I am trying to get the central message of The Tale of Harry Three Paws book out there to as many people as possible. That message is that animals have feelings too, and it is important to be kind to them. I am glad to say that the reviews of the book have been positive – thanks Crazy Cat Lovers! The book is suitable for adult crazy cat lovers and for children aged 10+. It would be great if you could share the book title on your social media. Or perhaps you would like to buy the book Amazon US   Amazon UK One way or another, thank you for your time and support.



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