The Essence of Wealth

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Recently I listed the core feelings I want to experience in my new life design. One of them was to feel Time Rich. Yesterday I actually had time to bake bread. Being vegan is one thing – but being wheat free because it doesn’t agree with me is a whole challenge in itself. So it felt really good to pull out the tried and trusted recipe for spelt bread and lash it together, top it off with sesame seeds and pop it in the oven. Of course, half of it is gone already. Who can resist the smell and taste of freshly baked bread? Not me, for sure! I love my grub. So yesterday I experience the feeling of being time rich and I have the bread to show for it. This is what I want more of: to be present in the present moment, to enjoy it while I can, to have the luxury of dreaming, reading, dancing in the kitchen to the seventies music on the radio and later, to luxuriate in front of the fire with a cat on my knee. Riches indeed. What makes YOU feel rich?



  1. The genuine feeling of gratitude makes me feel rich. More than that, thoughts are things, so I do my best to keep mine positive. Not perfect, but positive about things and everything/everybody.

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