Fire Colours

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I have just come in from the dark. The full moon was rising, the surrounding clouds melting away. I took a quick look around me to check for people, threw my head back and howled at the moon. Ahooooooo!

IMG_20181023_114200[1]I love this time of year. When I walk dogs in the park, I look at the colours, spiderwebs among red leaves against vivid blue sky. I collect feathers. The birds must do Feather Feng Shui in autumn because this is the best time of year for the feather harvest. Once, I met a five year old boy and he asked me what I was doing with the feathers. “I’m building my own bird,” I said. He considered this with his head to one side and then ran around as I chatted with his granny. A few minutes later he presented me with a feather. “For your bird,” he said. That’s the mindset I want – to be a birdmaker, to not know that it can’t be done. To rediscover the magic of imagination, to create a colourful collage out of the patchwork quilt of my life. Even though it’s autumn, I can feel  the excitement of possibility lurking around the corner. Ready to fly.



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