The Bear Necessities

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I am constantly in awe of the resilience of animals. Take Bear, for instance. Bear is a tabby cat who loves being petted. He was obviously someone’s pet at some stage, not a feral cat. He came in to Dog’s Aid with a bad limp.  Denis the vet took an x-ray and it showed a badly broken leg and dislocated hip. Despite being a nurse, I have to say my stomach felt queasy when I saw how bad the break was. It seems that Bear was walking around on this broken leg and with a dislocated hip for about a year. Can you imagine the constant pain he was in? Yet, all he was interested in was being fed and petted. If that was a human, there would be a lot of roaring and shouting going on. But animals just get on with things. Last week Bear’s broken leg was amputated as it was beyond saving. It was actually quite difficult for Denis the vet to remove the leg as it had been like that for so long it had a lot of fibrous tissue around it. On a Monday, Bear had four legs. By Wednesday, he had three legs. Was he depressed? No. Was he shouting for morphine? No. He just wanted to be fed and petted and was happy to receive some Reiki to help things along. He is doing his own physio by jumping up and down off the bed, with just the odd wobble as he gets his balance. He is getting his stitches out on Friday, and meanwhile is recovering in my spare room. I would love to get a safe, kind home for this old soldier. We don’t know what age he is, but he is not in the first flush of youth, no more than myself. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if you could share this post, and because of it, Bear might get the loving home he so richly deserves? I can tell you with my hand on my heart that he is clean and very low maintenance. Please share to help us get him a kind, safe and loving home. Thank you.

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