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One of the meanings of inspiration is to “breathe or blow into” and also, to receive divine guidance. As part of my continued attempt to keep a focus on writing, I meet with my writing pal Dolly once a month. We drink tea and eat biscuits, talk about the goings-on, and sometimes even do a bit of writing. One thing we always do is set our goals for the next month. Sometimes we reach them, and sometimes we don’t. But it’s a good practice.

winter sunshine in park 1

I was in the library and I picked up a couple of copies of a free newspaper. I’ll be honest here, I was going to use them for the cat litter trays!! But in the process of removing the staples from the centre pages (in case they harmed the furry children’s paws), what did I come across only a writing competition. I took it as a sign from above, and put it in my diary to write a story for it. Which I did. However, I wasn’t very happy with it, and a week later, I was bringing a dog for a morning walk in the park. I asked, What story wants to be told through me? And I let the thought go. I did some deep breathing to enjoy the lovely weather and the beautiful greenery. But before I left the park an hour later, I had a fully formed short story. I wrote it down and left it to marinate. Came back the next day to edit and tweak, and again and again. I was happy with the result. When I looked closely at the competition terms, however, the word count was too short. So I found another competition instead, and submitted it to that. I’ll let you know in a few months what the outcome was, but in the meantime, if you want to write, why not ask the question yourself. What story wants to be told through me? And listen to the answer. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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