Loving and Letting Go

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Some of you may know that I have been looking after Simba, a rescue Maine Coon cat. His pelvis was crushed in a car accident and he had to have an operation which involved the removal of his colon. The colon had swollen up and it can be fatal. Kind people responded to a call for donations (thank you again) and he had his operation, and then five weeks later, a second operation to fix his eye. His eyelid was turned inwards, a very painful condition.

IMG_20180620_142038825You can only imagine the pain and distress he was in before both operations, and after the first operation he was incontinent of faeces. The vet said it was very unlikely that his incontinence would resolve because it could have been going on for a long time. (We think he had the car accident at least a few months before he was rescued.) I found a homeopathic remedy on an Australian website, and teamed up with dry specialised food, his incontinence has resolved 99%. He is so clean now, he must have been very upset and distressed when he had poo on his fur coat. I used to bathe him every couple of days and fair dues to him, he let me. And more good news. He has been offered a permanent home by a kind woman who loves animals. The only glitch is that of course I have become attached to him in a big way. He’s a big cat, with a big heart, and he throws himself on my knee and kneads away on my inner arm. He talks a lot, and when he drinks water, he scoops it up in his paw. A real character. So I am steeling myself for the upcoming departure date. My logical head knows it it a better home than I can offer him. My traitorous heart says, Ah, can I not keep him? My permanent four cats tell me they are enough, and that I can’t keep every cat I foster for special care. But it’s hard to let go all the same. All I can do is give both him and me Rescue Remedy and Transition essence from Green Hope Farm and hope for the best. I’ll tell you this, though: he will always have a special place in my heart for his amazing fortitude in the face of pain and suffering. We humans have so much to learn from our furry friends. And also because we love each other. Quantum physics says that once we make contact with another energy being we are forever entangled. That brings me comfort.

On a lighter note, in honour of the upcoming bank holiday weekend in Ireland, I am running a free book promotion on The Tale of Harry Three Paws Kindle version. Feel free to get the book here and if you do, it would be really great if you could write a review of it here . The promotion runs from August 2nd to August 6th inclusive. Thanks a million. I hope you have a lovely weekend filled with all the good things in life.

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