A Healing Green Space

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In the last two months, three sets of people have joined me in my back garden to tell me the story of how their beloved pet passed. My garden is small, practical and a bit untidy, not unlike myself. The raspberry canes grow easily and yield a small amount of delicious organic fruit each year. They propagate themselves and spring up all over the place. Raspberry & Rambling RoseEarlier this year I planted a flowerbed of snapdragons, geraniums and fuschia. I especially admire the snapdragons, with their ability to seed themselves and reproduce. They don’t seem to have got the memo from Big Business that renders plants sterile so that in order to have more of them, you need to buy them. No. The snapdragons snapped their fingers at such temerity and jump out of cracks in the concrete. A while back I got a new windchime, made by Woodstock, that sounds like Pachelbel’s Canon. It is so peaceful to sit in the quiet space, listening to the windchime and hearing the birds. The Elementals or Nature Spirits create and support this green space, with fruit and flowers, bees and even the odd butterfly, allowing it to be a haven of peace. Somehow or another, that peace is transmitted and helps heal the heart just a little. It seems easier to speak of an animal in spirit surrounded by the work of Nature Spirits. It seems to help to let go of some of the sorrow in an open space, with Mother Earth and Father Sky right with us. Maybe the connection with the earth and the air and the sun remind us that we will all dissolve into spirit eventually, and be reunited with our loved ones, human and animal. And isn’t that a party to look forward to!


  1. Wonderful narrative Marese. The healing power of peace, tranquillity and nature on your doorstep!!
    Hope all is well, sounds like you’re enjoying the beautiful summer in your own back garden with great appreciation! X x


    1. Thank you very much for your kind words Janice! Remember the digital version is free until midnight tonight! I hope you enjoy it and that it brings a smile to your face. 🙂 Cheers, Marese


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