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Three years ago I sat in my garden in the summertime and listened to the silence. There was something missing. The sound of bees. Colony collapse disorder (CCD) had decimated the global bee population. I took out my gardening books and looked for what plants would help support any remaining bees. I bought them, planted them and looked after them. I sent energy healing out to the bees and if I saw one, I thanked it and blessed it for its presence. Yesterday I sat in my garden in the beautiful summertime sun (unusual for Ireland) and listened to the sounds. Thankfully there were bees. The butterflies have been decimated too, and need our help and support. I have a buddleia or butterfly bush, one in the small front garden and one in the back. I put the used washing up water on them. I have only seen one butterfly this summer, a spotted meadow brown. We need to be so careful and respectful of the creatures on this beautiful planet. They not only bring us food for our bodies but also for our souls through their colour and sounds and presence. Let’s do one small thing today to make things better for our brother and sister creatures.

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