O Happy Day!

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Today was a long awaited day: the proof of my second paperback book arrived in the post! Way hay! What I learned from the process of writing it and preparing it for self publishing is this: the next time, I will make sure I get a clear run at finishing it in one go, because it’s much easier to keep going at the hard work as opposed to trying to restart enthusiasm and energy for a project when you lose momentum. I was nearly finished in January and here it is, June. How did that happen?! I guess life and earning a living got in the way. But anyway, today was the day and I burst into tears to see the final result of this labour of love in the shape of a short book. If you want to write, then I encourage you to write, because honestly, there’s no better feeling than picking up that first copy, seeing it for real, smelling the new paper, and running your hands over the glossy cover. It’s like magic – magic that has needed many, many months of writing, editing, rewriting and then wrestling with the technicalities of self publishing. Was it difficult? Yes. Was it worth it? For sure. The Tale of Harry Three Paws is for children aged 10+, young adults, and Crazy Cat People of all ages. Will be available on Amazon very shortly – watch this space! Harry Three Paws receives his very own book!


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