The good, the bad and the ugly

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Yesterday I got good news; I had been doing healing on a dog with cancer. She has a large malignant tumour on her hip, and it was beginning to hurt her, pressing on nerves. The owner and I wondered was it time to have her put to sleep. She brought the dog to the vet, and thank God he was able to drain the fluid off and so relieve the pressure. It sounds strange to say it, but apart from the large malignant tumour on her hip, she is in great form. So for now, she has a reprieve and all three of us are delighted.

At the other end of the scale, a deeply upsetting photo appeared on my Facebook newsfeed. The daughter of the man who killed Cecil the lion was shown beaming with pleasure beside the bodies of three wolves she had killed – one of them a mother with pups. To needlessly and senselessly kill an animal is bad enough. To take pleasure in it is positively psychopathic. I was very upset and really wondering what the world is coming to. Wolves mate for life, so this woman has forever traumatized a whole group of animals. The stone drops in the water and the ripples spread out.

We got a cat, Simba, into the Dog’s Aid animal sanctuary who was in a bad way and needed a major operation, costing €1500, to get him out of pain. We started fundraising and I put a fundraising campaign on Facebook as well as Go Fund Me. I had done online auctions for animals before, and one Go Fund Me campaign, but never tried it on Facebook. I am overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of complete strangers (mostly!) who have already donated €1271 so far on Facebook alone. The stone drops in the water and the ripples spread out. May their generosity, kindness and light go out into the world and return to them tenfold. We need all the light we can get. Thank you all.

Operation Simba

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